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            I was born on February 13, 1971 in Lvov, Ukraine. Lvov is the biggest city in Western Ukraine, was founded as a fort in the mid-13th century (first mentioned as a city in a medieval chronicle in 1256) by Prince Danylo Halitski of Galicia, one of the most powerful princes in east-central Europe and a former principality of Kievan Rus. City was named after his son Lev. Located roughly in the midpoint of Europe, it quickly became the center of trade and commerce. Major trade roads from the Black and Baltic Sea ports, East and Western Europe led to its rapid economic development. Due to its geographical location the city was a meeting place of Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish and Austrian cultures. Armenians, Hungarians, Greeks, Italians, Serbs, Moldavians and many more others lived there for the duration of many centuries. All of them together had introduced wide variety of traditions, cultures, religions and a mix of architecture. Now, Lvov is a major economic and cultural center of the Western region of independent Ukrainian state. We immigrated to America in 1978, we came to Cleveland, Ohio.  We lived in Cleveland for 1 year then moved to Brooklyn, New York, where I grew up on the great streets of Brooklyn.  I took up computers when I 13 years old.  I remember working as a stock boy for one summer just so I can buy my own computer (Apple IIc), the Apple was state of the art system back in 1984.  I wrote programs in Basic and designed animations on my Apple.  I realized that my future would be computers because I felt computers would be the future of the human race.  As I got older I started to build my systems and over clock them.  I have a gorgeous wife and two beautiful kids.

Here are some pictures of Lvov, click on the pictures to view them.

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