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Joseph Krasnov

OBJECTIVE: A challenging position within the field of information systems as a Programmer/Developer that will allow me to utilize my diverse computer skills and offer an opportunity for rapid advancement.

SUMMARY: Experienced in software development and maintenance for e-commerce and personal applications. Proven ability to analyze business requirements, design, code, test and implement system, interface with clients. Excellent communication skills, great “team player”.


LANGUAGE: JAVA2, J2EE (JFC, Swing, Servlets, JDBC, Java Mail), JavaScript, HTML, XML.

SOFTWARE: Visual Café 4.0, Microsoft Office 2000, JSWDK2.1, JDK1.2, PhotoShop 4.0, Red Hat Linux 6.0,
                       Vignette   CenterStage , eContent 4.0.3(OnDisplay Agent Builder 4.0.3).

DATABASES: MS SQL Server v7.0, MS Access, Oracle 8i.

OS: Windows 95/98, NT Server/Workstation, Unix and Linux 6.0

                       METIOM, New York, New York                                                                   07 / 2000 – 04 / 2001

Software Developer, Supplier Enablement

                              Métiom ™ is a B2B e-Commerce infrastructure provider, delivering e-Marketplace and Enterprise Purchasing solutions for organizations.

Screaming Media, New York, New York                                                                 08 / 1999 –  07 2000

Software Developer


           ScreamingMedia is aggregation, distribution and integration of business and financial information into wbsites, intranets, wireless and interactive television.

·   Designed, coded a web page. This web page required the client to fill out a form; it validated text fields using JavaScript. The web page uses it’s capabilities to upload any kind of media (gifs, jpeg, and video files) files from the client to the server. All the information the client provided is saved to a randomly generated number file and converted to XML format for later parsing. The web page also generated a virtual table that displayed the current upload status of the files and there size. This was done using Java Servlet API and Java XML API.


·   Designed, coded graphical user interface ‘GUI’ for server side application ‘SITEWare’. This application made extensive use of Swing components (JList, JTree, JTextArea and other Swing components).  Using the GUI, the client can connect to the software from anywhere using software’s ports and IP’s.  The client may also write configuration files, show running status of threads, notify the client if the thread went down, and start that particular thread back up if the client chooses to. GUI also contained a Windows Explorer look and feel to it and has all its capabilities to cut, copy, paste, delete, and create directories. The GUI was built using SWING 1.1., Brooklyn, New York                                                                   04 / 1999 - 07 / 2000

Consultant is a commercial web site that sells large amounts of various phones.

·   Designed web site for commercial sales over the Internet. The web site has capabilities to place orders and check for a valid credit card. The user is able to become a member and receive special notification on selected items that were on sale for that week. Web site was built using HTML, JavaScript, FrontPage98, and Microsoft Access.

AAC Associates, Inc. Vienna, Virginia                                                                    10 / 1998 – 12 / 1998


AAC Associates, Inc. is an information technology services company specializing in Computer Networking, E-mail Integration, Collaborative Computing, and Internetworking Services.

·   Designed, coded application for Office of Secretary of Defense, Reserve Affairs (Pentagon) that is used to display environmental data loaded from a Microsoft SQL Server. The application makes extensive use of Symantec’s DBAware classes and KL Group’s JCTable and JCChart classes. Project required design and analysis in the following areas: JAVA/ODBC interface, ODBC drivers, DBAnywhere Server, SQL Server 6.5, and Netscape Communicator 4.04.

      Luckson GL, Inc. Brooklyn, New York                                                                   03 / 1997 – 10 / 1998

Java Programmer

·   Designed, coded financial software. Prepared documentation for defining the project schedules for full development life cycle. The software was build using Java 1.0.

                       EDUCATION:   Pace University, New York, New York

                    Currently pursuing Certification / Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

               Software development and Web Design Certificate                                                     01 / 1997 – 06 / 1997

                New York Computer Academy, Brooklyn, New York  

REFERENCES: Will be furnished upon request.


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